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Why do I edit wedding photographs true to colour?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

Something you will notice about my images, is that they are not only full of colour, they are true to colour. There are number of reasons I edit this way! 1. I remember organising my own wedding day, and the amount of thought that went into, yes, you got it - colour! I love colour palettes and spent a lot of time creating different ones to work out what I wanted my wedding day to look like. I love colour, whether these be bright, vibrant reds, blues and greens, or more muted toned down dusty pinks, sage greens or buttermilk yellows. I want to capture all these colours in their true form, not only because you have spent countless hours planning them, but because they are beautiful! 2. Trends come and go. In 2014, Instagram was really kicking off and so were their new filters! I had numerous couples ask me to edit their wedding photographs to look like Instagram filters. Now, this is something I didn't do, thankfully! As the trend came and went, their photos have outlasted what was popular at the time. Have a think about what you want to look back at in 50 years time when you are sharing your photos with you grandchildren. For me, it's being able to create photographs that show your story, all the emotions, laughter and tears, that you can look back on and remember like it was yesterday. Part of this, for me is reliving all of it, including the colours.

So, if you're looking for a wedding photographer that edits their photos to be light and airy, or dark and moody, I am not the photographer for you. If you're looking for a wedding photographer that edits true to colour, capturing all the emotions, details and stories, then, you've found the right person!

A happy bride on the dance floor with a glass of Aperol in her hand.

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