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What questions to ask your wedding venues?

Updated: Dec 28, 2023

What questions should you ask your wedding venues with regards to wedding photography!

Finding your perfect wedding venue, within your budget AND on the day you want it, almost feels like an impossible task. Here are a few things to think about, and how it might impact your photographer:

  1. Can I use flash? A number of venues that hold ceremonies (mostly churches), say absolutely no flash allowed during the ceremony. This is a really important question to ask if the venue is very dark, or you're getting married in winter and there is not much ambient light. If flash is a big no, then let your photographer know, and also set your expectations for your images. They are likely to be very grainy, and many will probably be edited in black and white.

  2. Can the photographer move around the venue to photograph the couple? Again, many venues (and registrars) will have specific places that they allow the photographer to stand during the ceremony. Now, this is not only down to the venue, however you can ask the venue to do their best to give the photographer as much room as possible to move around without disturbing the ceremony. Again, set expectations if the photographer cannot move around, that you will only have images from one angle. If this is the case, consider having a second shooter to give you more variety with your photos, but more importantly be able to capture both of the couple's emotions!

  3. Do they offer food for suppliers? Some photographers expect a meal. I do not expect one and am happy to take my own packed lunch/dinner, but I do appreciate one if offered! Many venues will have a different rate for meals for suppliers. Always check with the venue/caterers when booking!

  4. What lighting do they use? Lighting has a real impact on your photographs, especially indoors and when it's dark. Find out about the lighting and ask your photographer how it might impact them!

  5. Are fireworks, sparklers or confetti allowed? It can be really disappointing when you've planned for some gorgeous shots, only to be told on the day that they're not allowed. Always double check with your venue.

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