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Preemie babies & NICU

Having a baby born prematurely can be frightening, especially as it is likely to be unexpected. Whilst there is so much joy to finally meet your baby(ies), there can be an underlying sense of worry during this time too. I have personally experienced my own child being in NICU and am aware of some of the feelings that come with it. No experience is the same and I understand that this is a difficult time for anyone in this situation.


If you have booked a newborn photo session and your baby is born prematurely, get in touch and can look at the best time to photograph your newborn. The timing of the photo session depends on when you and your baby(ies) gets home and feel settled enough and I will happily work with you to find the best time.

Bear in mind that the baby's actual age will have different developmental milestones as they have been born prematurely. It is a good idea to look at their adjusted/corrected age to get a good sense of which milestones they should be hitting and when. Remember, they are all individual and all develop at their own pace!


If your baby spends a lot of time in NICU and you feel like you would like to document this, please get in touch. I can come in when you and your doctors and/or nurses think is best and capture some of the intimate details of your newborn's introduction into this world.